OffShoring Asylum and Migration in Australia, Spain, Tunisia and the US: Lessons Learned and Feasibility for the EU

Sergio Carrera, Nora El Qadim, Maryellen Fullerton, Blanca Garces-Masarenas, Susan Kneebone, Ana Lopez Sala, Ngo Chun Luk, Lina Vosyliute

Centre for European Policy Studies | Published : 2018


Ideas for the EU to set up ‘asylum reception centres’ in third countries have been advanced, unsuccessfully, during the last 15 years. These have usually come from specific representatives of individual Member States (most often ministries of interior or similar ministries), and have been put forward without careful consideration of their practical repercussions or their compatibility with obligations under EU law and policy or with regional and international standards in these domains. A previous proposal was put forward in 1986 by Denmark to the UN General Assembly, which suggested the setting-up of UN processing centres in regions of origin that would manage resettlement, but it failed ..

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