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Reflexive VR Storytelling Design Beyond Immersion: Facilitating Self-Reflection on Death and Loneliness

Sojung Bahng, Ryan Kelly, Jon McCormack

Proceedings of the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2020) | Association for Computing Machinery | Published : 2020


This research examines the reflexive dimensions of cinematic virtual reality (CVR) storytelling. We created Anonymous, an interactive CVR piece that employs a reflexive storytelling method. This method is based on distancing effects and is used to elicit audience awareness and self-reflection about loneliness and death. To understand the audience’s experiences, we conducted in-depth interviews to study which design factors and elements prompted reflexive thoughts and feelings. Our findings highlight how the audience experience was impacted by four reflexive dimensions: abstract and minimal aesthetics, everyday materials and textures, the restriction of control, and multiple, disembodied poin..

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