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Adsorption of two-dimensional polymers with two- and three-body self-interactions

Nathann T Rodrigues, Tiago J Oliveira, Thomas Prellberg, Aleksander L Owczarek



Using extensive Monte Carlo simulations, we investigate the surface adsorption of self-avoiding trails on the triangular lattice with two- and three-body on-site monomer-monomer interactions. In the parameter space of two-body, three-body, and surface interaction strengths, the phase diagram displays four phases: swollen (coil), globule, crystal, and adsorbed. For small values of the surface interaction, we confirm the presence of swollen, globule, and crystal bulk phases. For sufficiently large values of the surface interaction, the system is in an adsorbed state, and the adsorption transition can be continuous or discontinuous, depending on the bulk phase. As such, the phase diagram contai..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

T.J.O. and N.T.R. acknowledge support of the Brazilian agencies CNPq, CAPES, and FAPEMIG, and the use of the computing cluster of Universidade Federal de Vicosa. N.T.R. thanks Queen Mary University London for hosting while this work was begun, and gratefully acknowledges use of the university's HPC cluster. Financial support from the Australian Research Council via its Discovery Projects scheme (DP160103562) is acknowledged by A.L.O.