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A coupled contact model of cartilage lubrication in the mixed-mode regime under static compression

JJ Liao, DW Smith, S Miramini, BS Gardiner, L Zhang

Tribology International | Elsevier | Published : 2020


This study presents a coupled cartilage contact model, in which the contact gap and cartilage tissue are modelled as two poroelastic systems, linked by pressure and normal flux continuity boundary conditions. Using a tibial plug under indentation as a proof-of-concept model, the predictions support the weeping lubrication theory under static compression. Specifically, the interstitial fluid would exude from the underlying cartilage into the contact gap to extend the mixed-mode duration by > 20-fold compared to a no fluid exudation counterpart. Moreover, the traditional contact model, that does not consider the contact gap and cartilage fluid exchange, potentially overestimates the interstiti..

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