Journal article

Rise of the Minoans and Mycenaeans: The Global Aegean

Louise Hitchcock

Ancient History Magazine | Karwansaray Publishers | Published : 2020


This article introduces the emergence of the Minoan (ca. 1900-1450 BCE) and Mycenaean civilizations (ca. 1600-1200 BCE). They are viewed against the background of their interactions with each other and with surrounding regions. Technology transfer accompanied their quest for copper that began in the Aegean by the Neolithic era, followed by the quest for tin and other exotic items such as spices and raw materials. These quests were key drivers in the development of complexity in Aegean society. They were accompanied by advances in maritime technology beginning with the change from the long boats of the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, to the acquisition deep-hulled ship with mast by the Minoan..

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