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Monitoring skin temperature at the wrist in hospitalised patients may assist in the detection of infection

Stephen G Holt, Jennifer H Yo, Connie Karschimkus, Frank Volpato, Steve Christov, Edward R Smith, Tim D Hewitson, Leon J Worth, Paul Champion De Crespigny



BACKGROUND: Measuring temperature has always been a key observation in the diagnosis of infection. No studies have examined the usefulness of measuring temperature at the wrist to detect infection. AIM: We sought to determine whether a watch measuring wrist temperature could accurately identify patients who are infected. METHODS: Prospective cross-sectional pilot study of temperature monitoring in an unselected patients in a tertiary referral adult nephrology unit. RESULTS: One hundred and four data recording sessions revealed 88 useful data sets, with recording failures in the others. Patients were retrospectively classified as having no infection (Group A, n = 60), clinically diagnosed inf..

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