Book Chapter

Reimagining Place through the Sandbox Studio Pedagogy: An Introduction

Kelum Palipane, Iderlina Mateo-Babiano

Placemaking Sandbox: Emergent Approaches, Techniques and Practices to Create More Thriving Places | Palgrave Pivot | Published : 2020


This introductory chapter begins with a discussion on the increasing awareness of the strategic importance of public space in the development agenda to address key global challenges. Although society has already gained deeper understanding of urbanization, globalization, and the challenges that accompany these phenomena, we still have very limited understanding of the diversifying publics and of the strategies in place that either gives privileges or marginalizes certain sectors of society. In other words, we do not understand who we are designing for. We argue that this is inexorably intertwined with the need to improve how place and placemaking are being taught in the academe. The chapter ..

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