The Fourth Sonata for Violin and Piano, “Children’s Day at the Camp Meeting” by Charles Ives: Contextual, structural and stylistic considerations

William Thompson, Goetz Richter, Charon Chan, Paul Cheung

Australian Strings Association (AUSTA)/Sydney Conservatorium of Music | Published : 2019


The Fourth Sonata for Violin and Piano is one of composer Charles Ives' most accessible works and it serves as a particularly useful starting point, not only for one interested in his four violin sonatas, but also as an initiation to the subtleties of his style. The purpose of this presentation is to provide contextual information necessary to affect a sympathetic performance of the sonata. It will include a discussion of pertinent biographical information and an overview of three main influences on his style. A subsequent analysis of the Fourth Violin Sonata will demonstrate in each movement Ives' uses of borrowed material in the formal procedure called cumulative setting by Dr. J. Peter Bu..

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