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Effects of in vivo fatigue-induced subchondral bone microdamage on the mechanical response of cartilage-bone under a single impact compression.

Fatemeh Malekipour, Peta L Hitchens, R Chris Whitton, Peter Vee-Sin Lee

Journal of Biomechanics | Elsevier | Published : 2020


Subchondral bone (SCB) microdamage is prevalent in the joints of human athletes and animals subjected to high rate and magnitude cyclic loading of the articular surface. Quantifying the effect of such focal in vivo fatigue-induced microdamage on the mechanical response of the tissue is critical for the understanding of joint surface injury and the development of osteoarthritis. Thus, we aimed to quantify the mechanical properties of cartilage-bone from equine third metacarpal (MC3) condyles, which is a common area of accumulated microdamage due to repetitive impact loading. We chose a non-destructive technique, i.e. high-resolution microcomputed tomography (µCT) imaging, to identify various ..

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