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Globalization of national surgical, obstetric and anesthesia plans: the critical link between health policy and action in global surgery

Paul Truche, Haitham Shoman, Che L Reddy, Desmond T Jumbam, Joanna Ashby, Adelina Mazhiqi, Taylor Wurdeman, Emmanuel A Ameh, Martin Smith, Edwin Lugazia, Emmanuel Makasa, Kee B Park, John G Meara

Globalization and Health | BMC | Published : 2020


Efforts from the developed world to improve surgical, anesthesia and obstetric care in low- and middle-income countries have evolved from a primarily volunteer mission trip model to a sustainable health system strengthening approach as private and public stakeholders recognize the enormous health toll and financial burden of surgical disease. The National Surgical, Obstetric and Anesthesia Plan (NSOAP) has been developed as a policy strategy for countries to address, in part, the health burden of diseases amenable to surgical care, but these plans have not developed in isolation. The NSOAP has become a phenomenon of globalization as a broad range of partners - individuals and institutions - ..

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