Journal article

Mapping child growth failure across low- and middle-income countries

Damaris K Kinyoki, Aaron E Osgood-Zimmerman, Brandon V Pickering, Lauren E Schaeffer, Laurie B Marczak, Alice Lazzar-Atwood, Michael L Collison, Nathaniel J Henry, Zegeye Abebe, Abdu A Adamu, Victor Adekanmbie, Keivan Ahmade, Olufemi Ajumobi, Ayman Al-Eyadhy, Rajaa M Al-Raddadi, Fares Alandab, Mehran Alijanzadeh, Vahid Atipour, Khalid Altirkawi, Saeed Amini Show all

Nature | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2020


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank M. Burns, M. Frank, S. Flavell, P. Dayan, K. Taute and G. Rainer for discussions and feedback; A. Mathis and M. W. Mathis for providing unpublished code, help with the implementation of DeepLabCut for tracking Paramecia and zebrafish, and for motivating us to use deep learning methods; and we thank M. Ahrens and H. Baier for Tg(elavl3:H2B-GCaMP6s) and I. Bianco for discussions about prey capture. This work was financially supported by the Rowland Institute at Harvard.