Journal article

Reconsidering the antler Y-Box and its findspot in an early Trialeti burial in Sos Höyük, Eastern Turkey

Claudia Sagona

TUJANES (Aras Türkiye Eski Yakın Doğu Araştırmaları Dergisi; Turkish Journal of Near Eastern Studies) | Ege Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü Basımevi Müdürlüğü | Published : 2019


In 1997, we published M16-Burial 2 from Sos Höyük, Eastern Turkey in which an unusual, Y-shaped antler artefact was found. The tomb had the hallmarks of the Trialeti period and rendered an absolute date to match (2350-1945 cal BC). Drawing on evidence for similar antler objects from European sites of the Middle Ages, I offer a re-evaluation of the antler object from Sos Höyük as a box in its own right and not as a part of a larger apparatus, which was our first supposition. Though this tomb was modest in scale, it held some frit beads and a seashell ring, which point to long distance contacts. Signs of binding the corpse in this and in a second tomb at the site invite notions of prolonged bu..

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