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Cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death registries: a systematic review of global coverage

Elizabeth Davida Paratz, Luke Rowsell, Dominica Zentner, Sarah Parsons, Natalie Morgan, Tina Thompson, Paul James, Andreas Pflaumer, Christopher Semsarian, Karen Smith, Dion Stub, Andre La Gerche



Background: Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is a major global health problem, accounting for up to 20% of deaths in Western societies. Clinical quality registries have been shown in a range of disease conditions to improve clinical management, reduce variation in care and improve outcomes. Aim: To identify existing cardiac arrest (CA) and SCD registries, characterising global coverage and methods of data capture and validation. Methods: Biomedical and public search engines were searched with the terms 'registry cardio*'; 'sudden cardiac death registry' and 'cardiac arrest registry'. Registries were categorised as either CA, SCD registries or 'other' according to prespecified criteria. SCD registr..

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