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Response of wheat growth, grain yield and water use to elevated CO2 under a Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiment and modelling in a semi-arid environment.

Garry J O'Leary, Brendan Christy, James Nuttall, Neil Huth, Davide Cammarano, Claudio Stöckle, Bruno Basso, Iurii Shcherbak, Glenn Fitzgerald, Qunying Luo, Immaculada Farre-Codina, Jairo Palta, Senthold Asseng

Global Change Biology | Published : 2015


The response of wheat crops to elevated CO2 (eCO2 ) was measured and modelled with the Australian Grains Free-Air CO2 Enrichment experiment, located at Horsham, Australia. Treatments included CO2 by water, N and temperature. The location represents a semi-arid environment with a seasonal VPD of around 0.5 kPa. Over 3 years, the observed mean biomass at anthesis and grain yield ranged from 4200 to 10 200 kg ha-1 and 1600 to 3900 kg ha-1 , respectively, over various sowing times and irrigation regimes. The mean observed response to daytime eCO2 (from 365 to 550 μmol mol-1 CO2 ) was relatively consistent for biomass at stem elongation and at anthesis and LAI at anthesis and grain yield with 21%..

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