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Downscaling Global Climatic Predictions to the Regional Level: A Case Study of Regional Effects of Climate Change on Wheat Crop Production in Victoria, Australia

G O'Leary, B Christy, A Weeks, J Nuttall, P Riffkin, C Beverly, G Fitzgerald

Crop Adaptation to Climate Change | Published : 2011


Significant change in wheat production across the state of Victoria, Australia is predicted if the climate changes according to the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scenarios. Most critical to the dry areas are scenarios of reduced rainfall. For the more arid zones sowing a faster maturing type (cv. Silverstar) on the 1 June resulted in the best outcome with some small gains and losses predicted. Sowing earlier or later resulted in yield losses of around 10 to 20%. In the wetter areas of southern Victoria, consistent gains in yield of around 10-20% should occur in all cultivar types (e.g. Silverstar, Chara or Mackellar), but only from later sowing times (July to August). Des..

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