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Study protocol for Goodform - a classroom-based intervention to enhance body image and prevent doping and supplement use in adolescent boys

Joanna Rachel Doley, Sian Alexandra McLean, Scott Griffiths, Zali Yager

BMC Public Health | BMC | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Very few programs aimed at improving body image among adolescent boys have been effective, and there is still no clear evidence as to what will work for universal prevention of eating disorders and body dissatisfaction with this group. We combined two previously efficacious programs and used a design thinking framework to optimise program content alongside potential end-users including adolescent boys, teachers, parents, and experts. Goodform is a four-session universal program that aims to reduce body dissatisfaction and prevent the use of muscle-building supplements among 14-to-16 year old adolescent boys. METHODS/DESIGN: Goodform will be trialled using a cluster randomised con..

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