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Reply to Drs Almendra‐Arao and Sotres‐Ramos regarding Barnard's concept of convexity and possible extensions

Enrico Ripamonti, Chris Lloyd

Pharmaceutical Statistics | Wiley | Published : 2020


On p. 130 of his 1947's seminal paper, Barnard1 wrote: “we propose that in our ordering, the two points which, respectively, have the same abscissa or the same ordinate as (a, b), and which lie further from the diagonal PR, shall be considered as indicating wider differences than (a, b) itself. Thus, […] the points immediately above and immediately to the left of the point ‘x’ are reckoned to indicate wider differences than the point ‘x’ itself. This condition implies that the set of points indicating differences as wide or wider than (a, b) will have a shape property vaguely related to convexity, and we call it the ‘C condition’.” It appears clear from this quotation how Barnard himself di..

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