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Experimental Tests of Thin RC U-shaped Walls with a Single Layer of Reinforcement

Ryan Hoult, Aaron Apelle, João Almeida, Katrin Beyer

Proceedings of the Australian Earthquake Engineering Society 2019 Conference | Australian Earthquake Engineering Society | Published : 2019


Reinforced concrete (RC) U-shaped core walls are commonly used in buildings to provide lateral resistance for wind and earthquake actions. While there is an abundance of these structural elements within the building stocks of both low-to-moderate and high seismic regions, there have been few experimental studies focusing on the seismic resistance of RC walls with a U-shaped cross-section. Building codes in some Latin American countries, such as Colombia, currently allow very thin RC walls with a single layer of reinforcement to be constructed. This type of construction is similar to practices in Australia, prior to the revised Concrete Structures building code coming into effect in 2019. ..

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