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Association of Thermotolerance with Milk Production, Feed Saver, Fertility and Fat Percentage Breeding Values in Holstein Friesian Dairy Cattle

undefined Osei-Amponsah, undefined Frank, undefined Brian, undefined Cheng, undefined Cullen, undefined Joy, undefined Payyanakkal, undefined Zhang, undefined Chauhan

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In Australia, heat waves are becoming hotter and longer, and more frequent, compromising dairy cattle welfare and productivity. Selection for heat tolerance (HT) may help to ensure sustainability of production under hot summer conditions. In a study at the University of Melbourne’s Dookie Robotic Dairy Farm, we identified the 20 most heat-sensitive and 20 most heat-tolerant cows in a herd of 150 Holstein Friesian lactating cows based on phenotypic responses (increase in body temperature, panting score, and decline in milk production) of dairy cows grazing pasture and given concentrate at milking during hot summer conditions for 3 months. Hair samples were collected from the tip of the tail a..

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