Book Chapter

Panorama del liderazgo en escualas de alta complejidad (Panorama of leadership in high complexity schools),

David Gurr

Liderazgo en Escuelas de Alta Complejidad Sociocultural, Diez Miradas (Leadership in Schools of High Sociocultural Complexity, Ten looks) | Ediciones Universidad Diego Portales | Published : 2019


Within the edited book there is a wide selection of ideas about leadership of schools in challenging circumstances and this chapter is designed to complement these by exploring ideas and research that I have found useful in thinking about this. After a short statement on the importance of leadership, the idea of challenging circumstances is explored by considering an example of how one country has constructed a measure of educational advantage that helps to locate schools on the challenging/advantaged continuum. Following this, studies from several countries that provide insights relevant to this important leadership area explored and an example of a principal successfully leading a school i..

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