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Taxonomic Signatures of Long-Term Mortality Risk in Human Gut Microbiota

Aaro Salosensaari, Ville Laitinen, Aki Havulinna, Guillaume Meric, Susan Cheng, Markus Perola, Liisa Valsta, Georg Alfthan, Michael Inouye, Jeramie Watrous, Tao Long, Rodolfo Salido, Karenina Sanders, Caitriona Brennan, Gregory Humphrey, Jon Sanders, Mohit Jain, Pekka Jousilahti, Veikko Salomaa, Rob Knight Show all

Published : 2020


The collection of fecal material and developments in sequencing technologies have enabled cost-efficient, standardized, and non-invasive gut microbiome profiling. As a result, microbiome composition data from several large cohorts have been cross-sectionally linked to various lifestyle factors and diseases. In spite of these advances, prospective associations between microbiome composition and health have remained uncharacterized due to the lack of sufficiently large and representative population cohorts with comprehensive follow-up data. Here, we analyse the long-term association between gut microbiome variation and mortality in a large, well-phenotyped, and representative population cohort..

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