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Spectral microscopy imaging system for high-resolution and high-speed imaging of fuel sprays

KF Maassen, F Poursadegh, CL Genzale

ASME 2019 Internal Combustion Engine Division Fall Technical Conference | The American Society of Mechanical Engineers | Published : 2020


Modern high-efficiency engines utilize direct injection for charge preparation at extremely high pressures. At these conditions the scales of atomization become challenging to measure, as primary breakup occurs on the micrometer and nanosecond scales. As such, fuel sprays at these conditions have proven difficult to study via direct imaging. While high-speed cameras now exist that can shutter at tens to hundreds of nanoseconds, and long-range microscopes can be coupled to these cameras to provide high resolution images, the resolving power of these systems is typically limited by pixel size and field of view. The large pixel sizes make the realization of the diffraction-limited optical resol..

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