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Multiple mating and reproductive skew in parental and introgressed females of the live-bearing fish Xiphophorus birchmanni.

Kimberly A Paczolt, Courtney N Passow, Pablo J Delclos, Holly K Kindsvater, Adam G Jones, Gil G Rosenthal

Journal of Heredity | Published : 2015


Just as mating patterns can promote speciation or hybridization, the presence of hybridization can shape mating patterns within a population. In this study, we characterized patterns of multiple mating and reproductive skew in a naturally hybridizing swordtail fish species, Xiphophorus birchmanni. We quantified multiple mating using microsatellite markers to genotype embryos from 43 females collected from 2 wild populations. We also used a suite of single-nucleotide polymorphism markers to categorize females and their inferred mates as either parental X. birchmanni or as introgressed individuals, which carried alleles from a sister species, X. malinche. We found that parental and introgresse..

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