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Rise and fall of a hybrid zone: implications for the roles of aggression, mate choice, and secondary succession.

Travis R Robbins, Lorelei E Walker, Kelvin D Gorospe, Stephen A Karl, Aaron W Schrey, Earl D McCoy, Henry R Mushinsky

J Hered | Published : 2014


Hybridization can be an important evolutionary force by generating new species and influencing evolution of parental species in multiple ways, including introgression and the consequences of hybrid vigor. Determining the ecological processes underlying evolution in hybrid zones is difficult however because it requires examining changes in both genotypic frequencies over time and corresponding ecological information, data that are rarely collected together. Here, we describe genetic and ecological aspects of a hybrid zone between the Eastern Fence Lizard, Sceloporus undulatus, and the Florida Scrub Lizard, Sceloporus woodi, occurring over at least 23 generations. The hybrid zone, discovered g..

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