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Evolutionary conservation of microsatellite flanking regions and their use in resolving the phylogeny of cichlid fishes (Pisces: Perciformes).

R Zardoya, DM Vollmer, C Craddock, JT Streelman, S Karl, A Meyer

Proceedings of the Royal Society B | Published : 1996


A phylogeny of the principal lineages of cichlid fishes and two other fish families of the suborder Labroidei was based on phylogenetic information from DNA sequences of the flanking region of a (CA)n microsatellite locus. Microsatellite (CA)n containing clones from a genomic library of an African cichlid fish from Lake Tanganyika, Tropheus moorii, were sequenced and primers for the polymerase chain reaction designed. All primers amplified the homologous microsatellite loci in many more than the source species and one microsatellite flanking locus (TmoM27) was particularly conserved and amplified in several lineages of perciform fishes that diverged more than 80-100 million years ago. Despit..

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