Journal article

Influenza A virus interactions with macrophages: Lessons from epithelial cells

Tina Meischel, Fernando Villalon-Letelier, Philippa M Saunders, Patrick C Reading, Sarah L Londrigan



Influenza viruses are an important cause of respiratory infection worldwide. In humans, infection with seasonal influenza A virus (IAV) is generally restricted to the respiratory tract where productive infection of airway epithelial cells promotes viral amplification, dissemination, and disease. Alveolar macrophages (MΦ) are also among the first cells to detect and respond to IAV, where they play a pivotal role in mounting effective innate immune responses. In contrast to epithelial cells, IAV infection of MΦ is a "dead end" for most seasonal strains, where replication is abortive and newly synthesised virions are not released. Although the key replicative stages leading to productive IAV in..

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