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A P2RX7 single nucleotide polymorphism haplotype promotes exon 7 and 8 skipping and disrupts receptor function

Kristen K Skarratt, Ben J Gu, Michael D Lovelace, Carol J Milligan, Leanne Stokes, Rachel Glover, Steven Petrou, James S Wiley, Stephen J Fuller

The FASEB Journal | WILEY | Published : 2020


P2X7 is an ATP-gated membrane ion channel that is expressed by multiple cell types. Brief exposure to ATP induces the opening of a nonselective cation channel; while repeated or prolonged exposure induces formation of a transmembrane pore. This process may be partially regulated by alternative splicing of full-length P2RX7A pre-mRNA, producing isoforms that delete or retain functional domains. Here, we report cloning and expression of a novel P2RX7 splice variant, P2RX7L, that is, characterized by skipping of exons 7 and 8. In HEK 293 cells, expression of P2RX7L produces a protein isoform, P2X7L, that forms a heteromer with P2X7A. A haplotype defined by six single nucleotide polymorphisms (S..

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