Journal article

Sensor Modalities for Brain-Computer Interface Technology: A Comprehensive Literature Review

Michael L Martini, Eric Karl Oermann, Nicholas L Opie, Fedor Panov, Thomas Oxley, Kurt Yaeger

Neurosurgery | OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC | Published : 2020


Brain-computer interface (BCI) technology is rapidly developing and changing the paradigm of neurorestoration by linking cortical activity with control of an external effector to provide patients with tangible improvements in their ability to interact with the environment. The sensor component of a BCI circuit dictates the resolution of brain pattern recognition and therefore plays an integral role in the technology. Several sensor modalities are currently in use for BCI applications and are broadly either electrode-based or functional neuroimaging-based. Sensors vary in their inherent spatial and temporal resolutions, as well as in practical aspects such as invasiveness, portability, and ma..

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