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Local D2-to D1-neuron transmodulation updates goal-directed learning in the striatum

Miriam Matamales, Alice E McGovern, Jia Dai Mi, Stuart B Mazzone, Bernard W Balleine, Jesus Bertran-Gonzalez



Extinction learning allows animals to withhold voluntary actions that are no longer related to reward and so provides a major source of behavioral control. Although such learning is thought to depend on dopamine signals in the striatum, the way the circuits that mediate goal-directed control are reorganized during new learning remains unknown. Here, by mapping a dopamine-dependent transcriptional activation marker in large ensembles of spiny projection neurons (SPNs) expressing dopamine receptor type 1 (D1-SPNs) or 2 (D2-SPNs) in mice, we demonstrate an extensive and dynamic D2- to D1-SPN transmodulation across the striatum that is necessary for updating previous goal-directed learning. Our ..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by NHMRC of Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the Australian Research Council (Grants DE160101275 to J.B.-G., DP19010251 to J.B.-G. and M.M. and DP150104878 to B.W.B.) and by a Fellowship from the NHMRC of Australia to B.W.B. (GNT1079561).