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Moderate prenatal ethanol exposure in the rat promotes kidney cell apoptosis, nephron deficits, and sex-specific kidney dysfunction in adult offspring

Lisa K Akison, Megan E Probyn, Stephen P Gray, Louise A Cullen-McEwen, Karrona Tep, Sarah E Steane, Glenda C Gobe, Mary E Wlodek, John F Bertram, Karen M Moritz

The Anatomical Record | WILEY | Published : 2020


Alcohol during pregnancy can impair fetal development and result in offspring with neurodevelopmental deficits. Less is known about how low to moderate alcohol exposure can affect other organs, such as the kidney. Here, the effects of moderate ethanol exposure throughout pregnancy on kidney development were examined using a rat model. Rats were fed a liquid diet containing 6% ethanol (vol/vol) or control (0% ethanol) throughout pregnancy. Kidneys were collected at embryonic day (E) 20 or postnatal day (PN) 30 and total glomerular (nephron) number determined using unbiased stereology. Kidney function was examined in offspring at 8 and 19 months. At E20, fetuses exposed to ethanol had fewer ne..

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