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Identification of a Sacral, Visceral Sensory Transcriptome in Embryonic and Adult Mice

CJA Smith-Anttila, EA Mason, CA Wells, BJ Aronow, PB Osborne, JR Keast

ENEURO | SOC NEUROSCIENCE | Published : 2020


Visceral sensory neurons encode distinct sensations from healthy organs and initiate pain states that are resistant to common analgesics. Transcriptome analysis is transforming our understanding of sensory neuron subtypes but has generally focused on somatic sensory neurons or the total population of neurons in which visceral neurons form the minority. Our aim was to define transcripts specifically expressed by sacral visceral sensory neurons, as a step towards understanding the unique biology of these neurons and potentially leading to identification of new analgesic targets for pelvic visceral pain. Our strategy was to identify genes differentially expressed between sacral dorsal root gang..

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