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Effects of aging on the motor, cognitive and affective behaviors, neuroimmune responses and hippocampal gene expression

Gaurav Singhal, Julie Morgan, Magdalene C Jawahar, Frances Corrigan, Emily J Jaehne, Catherine Toben, James Breen, Stephen M Pederson, Jim Manavis, Anthony J Hannan, Bernhard T Baune



The known effects of aging on the brain and behavior include impaired cognition, increases in anxiety and depressive-like behaviors, and reduced locomotor activity. Environmental exposures and interventions also influence brain functions during aging. We investigated the effects of normal aging under controlled environmental conditions and in the absence of external interventions on locomotor activity, cognition, anxiety and depressive-like behaviors, immune function and hippocampal gene expression in C57BL/6 mice. Healthy mice at 4, 9, and 14 months of age underwent behavioral testing using an established behavioral battery, followed by cellular and molecular analysis using flow cytometry, ..

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