Conference Proceedings

Transitioning an engineering classroom from traditional lectures to a partially-flipped format

G Buskes, I Shnai

SEFI 47th Annual Conference: Varietas Delectat... Complexity is the New Normality, Proceedings | European Society for Engineering Education | Published : 2020


Traditional university teaching methods are grounded in the delivery of content via passive, didactic lectures that are largely seen as an efficient but not necessarily effective means of mass information transfer. Higher-order, deeper-thinking activities and the application of concepts are reserved for the domain of small classes such as tutorials. The “flipped-classroom” approach shifts the role of the lecture away from basic knowledge transfer to a facilitated, more participatory problem-solving environment. Basic knowledge is transferred via creation of online learning modules utilising short, focused videos. Moving lectures to such a mode of delivery shifts the onus of learning basic ma..

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