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Experimental and Analytical Assessment of Flexural Behavior of Cantilevered RC Walls Subjected to Impact Actions

Arnold CY Yong, Nelson TK Lam, Scott J Menegon, Emad F Gad

Journal of Structural Engineering | American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) | Published : 2020


Reinforced concrete (RC) impact-resistance barriers, such as rockfall barriers, often consist of a cantilever RC wall, which is expected to experience flexural bending under impact loading to resist the associated design actions. In order to investigate the flexural response behavior of an RC cantilever wall, a large-scale experiment was carried out on a fixed base RC cantilevered barrier wall measured 1.5 m in height, 3 m in length, and 0.23 m in thickness. Two torpedo shaped steel impactors with a mass of 280 and 435 kg were released from controlled heights ranging from 0.2 to 1.4 m in pendulum style to strike the top of the wall. The first half of this paper presents an overview, findings..

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