Conference Proceedings

Strong multiple higgs production at CLIC

A Thamm

Proceedings of Science | Sissa Medialab | Published : 2011


To make precision measurements on a Higgs-like scalar particle, a multi-TeV linear electron-positron collider such as the future Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) would set the ideal environment. We present results on the CLIC reach on the parameter space of the minimal composite Higgs model which describes a light composite Higgs emerging as a pseudo-Nambu Goldstone (NG) boson in the breaking of a strongly coupled sector. The specific feature of this model is the energy growth of NG boson scattering amplitudes, i.e. the longitudinally polarized vector bosons and the Higgs. We study double Higgs production in electron positron collisions and obtain an estimate of the CLIC sensitivity on the ano..

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