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Freedom of choice: Examining music listening as a function of favorite music format.

Steven C Brown, Amanda E Krause

Psychomusicology: a journal of research in music cognition | American Psychological Association (APA) | Published : 2020


With so many formats available for individuals to use to listen to music, the present research adopted a uses and gratifications approach to investigate why people prefer particular formats. Specifically, the present study considered six formats: physical, digital file, free-streaming, paid-for streaming, radio, and live music. A sample of 396 people (Mage = 34.53) completed an online survey, detailing the reasoning for their favorite format via a free-text response. Live music and digital files were the most popular formats. A thematic analysis of the uses and gratifications pertaining to each format highlighted how participants were attuned to the advantages (and disadvantages) of differen..

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