Journal article

A New Methodology for Supply Chain Management: Discourse Analysis and its Potential for Theoretical Advancement

C Hardy, Vikram Bhakoo, S Maguire

Journal of Supply Chain Management | John Wiley & Sons | Published : 2020


This paper responds to recent calls for methodological diversification and ‘in‐house’ theory development within the discipline of SCM, by introducing discourse analysis to readers of the Journal of Supply Chain Management. One of the merits of discourse analysis is the way in which it ‘problematizes’ taken‐for‐granted aspects of organizational life, including supply chains, to show that what we assume to be natural, inevitable and beneficial is rarely quite so straightforward as it may seem. In addition, through the way in which it emphasizes the interrogation of meaning, discourse analysis can broaden conceptualizations of the supply chain to include actors that have previously been overloo..

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