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Convex Optimization of Distributed Cooperative Detection in Multi-Receiver Molecular Communication

Y Fang, A Noel, N Yang, AW Eckford, RA Kennedy

IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale Communications | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) | Published : 2017


In this paper, the error performance achieved by cooperative detection among K distributed receivers in a diffusion-based molecular communication system is analyzed and optimized. In this system, the receivers first make local hard decisions on the transmitted symbol and then report these decisions to a fusion center (FC). The FC combines the local hard decisions to make a global decision using an N -out-of- K fusion rule. Two reporting scenarios, namely, perfect reporting and noisy reporting, are considered. Closed-form expressions are derived for the expected global error probability of the system for both reporting scenarios. New approximated expressions are also derived for the expected ..

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