Thesis / Dissertation

The fit, the fat, and the sick leader: Exploring the relationship between leadership and health through the lens of embodiment

Peter Ghin, Susan Ainsworth (ed.), Peter Gahan (ed.)

Published : 2019


Over the past few decades, leadership studies research appears to have gradually warmed to the idea that the act of leading is not a purely cognitive, rational and disembodied act. Accordingly, management scholars have more systematically begun to look to the body to understand its significance in the study of leaders and leadership. My research continues this tradition by adopting the lens of embodiment to explore the relationship between leadership and health. In particular, I investigate three dimensions of leader embodiment - the fit body, the fat body, and the sick body – which I use as the basis with which to explore the ideal and ‘less than ideal’ body in organisational life. In creat..

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