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Formation of Graphene Oxide Nanoscrolls in Organic Solvents: Toward Scalable Device Fabrication

B Tang, X Yun, Z Xiong, X Wang

ACS Applied Nano Materials | Published : 2018


In this work, formation of graphene oxide (GO) nanoscrolls in organic solvents was investigated upon dispersing GO nanosheets in organic solvents by sonication. It was found that, in some of the organic solvents, the single-layer GO sheets can effectively curl onto themselves to form the nanoscrolls that then sediment under gravity from the dispersion media. The sedimentation was monitored by UV-vis spectroscopy when the GO suspensions were left aside for different time periods after the sonication. The nanoscrolls were separated and characterized by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and electron diffraction (ED). A typical solvent with such scroll-forming function is pyridine, where 82..

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