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Serum from postmenopausal women directs differentiation of human clonal osteoprogenitor cells from an osteoblastic toward an adipocytic phenotype.

Bradley Stringer, Rachel Waddington, Adam Houghton, Mike Stone, Graham Russell, George Foster

Calcif Tissue Int | Published : 2007


A consistent observation in osteoporosis is bone volume reduction accompanied by increased marrow adipose tissue. No single cause linking the two phenomena has yet been identified. In a human progenitor cell clone (hOP 7) derived from bone marrow, however, we have demonstrated that rabbit serum can direct differentiation away from an osteoblast lineage to one of adipocytes. We now report on whether human serum has a similar effect. Serum was collected from 10 pre- and 10 postmenopausal women and from the 10 postmenopausal women before and following 6-week hormone replacement therapy (HRT). hOP 7 cells were cultured with the various sera, and after 7-14 days adipocytogenesis was determined by..

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