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The influence of fluoride exposure on dentin mineralization using an in vitro organ culture model

R Moseley, RJ Waddington, AJ Sloan, AJ Smith, RC Hall, G Embery

Calcified Tissue International | SPRINGER | Published : 2003


This study aimed to characterize fluoride-induced alterations in dentin mineralization within a dentin-pulp organ culture system. Tooth sections derived from male Wistar rat incisors were cultured in Trowel-type culture for 14 days, in the presence of 0 mM, 1 mM, 3 mM and 6 mM sodium fluoride. Tooth sections were processed and analyzed for uptake of fluoride, its subsequent effect on dentin mineralization by tetracycline hydrochloride incorporation and mineral composition, expressed as calcium/phosphorous (Ca/P) ratios. Tetracycline hydrochloride incorporation was demonstrated to decrease with increased fluoride exposure, accompanied by significant increases in both Ca/P ratios and fluoride ..

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