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Effects of univariate and multivariate bias correction on hydrological impact projections in alpine catchments

Judith Meyer, Irene Kohn, Kerstin Stahl, Kirsti Hakala, Jan Seibert, Alex J Cannon

Copernicus GmbH


<p><strong>Abstract.</strong> Alpine catchments show a high sensitivity to climate variation as they include the elevation range of the snow line. Therefore, the correct representation of climate variables and their interdependence is crucial when describing or predicting hydrological processes. When using climate model simulations in hydrological impact studies, forcing meteorological data are usually downscaled and bias corrected, most often by univariate approaches such as quantile mapping of individual variables. However, univariate correction neglects the relationships that exist between climate variables. In this study glacio-hydrological simulations were performed fo..

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