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Long-wave infrared magnetic mirror based on Mie resonators on conductive substrate

Ming Ye, Shi-Qiang Li, Yang Gao, Kenneth B Crozier

Optics Express | The Optical Society | Published : 2020


Metal films are often used in optoelectronic devices as mirrors and/or electrical contacts. In many such devices, however, the π-phase shift of the electric field that occurs upon reflection from a perfect electric conductor (for which a metal mirror is a reasonable approximation) is undesirable. This is because it results in the total electric field being zero at the mirror surface, which is unfavorable if one wishes for example to enhance absorption by a material placed there. This has motivated the development of structures that reflect light with zero phase shift, as these lead to the electric field having an anti-node (rather than node) at the surface. These structures have been denoted..

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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (HR0011-16-1-0004); Australian Research Council (DP150103736, DP180104141, FT140100577); Veski.: HR0011-16-1-0004/Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DP150103736/Australian Research Council, DP180104141/Australian Research Council, FT140100577/Australian Research Council, Veski