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Evaluation of ultraviolet photodissociation tandem mass spectrometry for the structural assignment of unsaturated fatty acid double bond positional isomers

Mengxuan Fang, Yepy Rustam, Michelle Palmieri, Oliver M Sieber, Gavin E Reid

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry | SPRINGER HEIDELBERG | Published : 2020


Fatty acids are a major source of structural diversity within the lipidome due to variations in their acyl chain lengths, branching, and cyclization, as well as the number, position, and stereochemistry of double bonds within their mono- and poly-unsaturated species. Here, the utility of 193 nm UltraViolet PhotoDissociation tandem mass spectrometry (UVPD-MS/MS) has been evaluated for the detailed structural characterization of a series of unsaturated fatty acid lipid species. UVPD-MS/MS of unsaturated fatty acids is shown to yield pairs of unique diagnostic product ions resulting from cleavages adjacent to their C=C double bonds, enabling unambiguous localization of the site(s) of unsaturati..

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