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On-farm assessment of environmental and management factors influencing wheat grain quality in the Mallee

V Sadras, D Roget, G O'Leary

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research | Published : 2002


We used data from 63 grower-managed wheat crops during 3 growing seasons in the Mallee to explore grain protein responses to environmental and management factors. Allometric coefficients were calculated as the slope of the regression between the mass of log-transformed protein and non-protein grain components to account for the effect of ontogenetic drift on grain protein concentration. Test weight and screenings were also investigated. Grain protein concentration ranged from 8.7 to 16.2%; 90% of crops had less than 5% screenings, and 95% had test weight above 74 kg/hL. Screenings increased and test weight declined with increasing concentration of protein, particularly for protein concentrat..

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