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Effects of conservation tillage and rotation on water infiltration in two soils in south-eastern Australia

MJ Bissett, GJ O'Leary

Australian Journal of Soil Research | Published : 1996


The infiltration of water under long-term (8-10 years) conservation tillage (zero and subsurface tillage with stubble retention) and conventional tillage (frequent tined tillage with no surface residues) systems was compared on a grey cracking clay and a sandy loam soil in south-eastern Australia. Potential infiltration rates were higher under conservation tillage on both soil types. On the grey clay soil, stubble retention and zero tillage produced up to an 8-fold increase (from 12-33 to 145-206 mm/h) in saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ks) compared with the conventional practice of removing stubble by burning or grazing, followed by frequent tillage to control weeds. An annual application..

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