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Phenotypic and genetic analysis of pod wall ratio, phenology and yield components in field pea

Victor O Sadras, Lachlan Lake, Sukhjiwan Kaur, Garry Rosewarne



Trait-based selection to improve stress adaptation can complement direct selection for yield provided the trait meets six criteria: (1) it must be genetically correlated with yield in the target environments; (2) it should be less affected by the GxE interaction than yield; (3) it should not be associated with low yield in favourable conditions; (4) it must show genetic variation; (5) it must be genetically stable, persistent across generations and relevant in different genetic backgrounds, and (6) it must lend itself to rapid, cost-effective and reliable quantification. Against these criteria, this study focused on pod wall ratio, defined as the weight ratio between the pod wall and the who..

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Awarded by Grains Research and Development Corporation

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Lam McMurray, John Nairne, Phil Rundle and Kathryn Fischer for the establishment and maintenance of crops, Matthew Kennedy for his assistance with seed, and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (Project DAS00150 and DAS00140), and Yitpi Foundation for financial support.