Special Issue: Remembering Diversity in East-Central European Cityscapes

Julie Fedor (ed.), Eleonora Narvselius (ed.)

Journal of Soviet and Post-soveit Politics and Society | Ibidem-Verlag | Published : 2019


Based on up-to-date field material, this issue focuses on the palimpsest-like environments of East-Central European borderland cities. The present shapes and contents of these urban environments derive from combinations of cultural continuities and political ruptures, present-day heritage industries and collective memories about the contentious past, expressive material forms and less conspicuous meaning-making activities of human actors; they evolve from perpetual tensions between the choices of the present and the weight of the past. The contributors address a set of key questions: What is specific about the transnationalization of memory in these urban public spaces? What are the politic..

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