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Design, Delivery, Maintenance, and Outcomes of Peer-to-Peer Online Support Groups for People With Chronic Musculoskeletal Disorders: Systematic Review (Preprint)

Liam R Maclachlan, Kathryn Mills, Belinda J Lawford, Thorlene Egerton, Jenny Setchell, Leanne M Hall, Melanie L Plinsinga, Manuela Besomi, Pek Ling Teo, Jillian P Eyles, Rebecca Mellor, Luciano Melo, Sarah Robbins, Paul W Hodges, David J Hunter, Bill Vicenzino, Kim L Bennell

JMIR Publications Inc.


BACKGROUND Online support groups (OSGs) are one way for people with chronic diseases, their family or friends, and health professionals to communicate, gain information, and provide social support. As the number of peer-to-peer OSGs for chronic musculoskeletal conditions grows, it is important to gain insight into the different designs of groups available, who is accessing them, if and how they may be effective, and what strategies are being used to implement or increase consumer engagement. OBJECTIVE The objectives of this systematic review of people with musculoskeletal con..

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